25mm Hook & Loop Cinch Strap

25mm Hook & Loop Cinch Strap

25mm Hook & Loop Cinch Strap

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25mm Hook and Loop Cinch Strap


  • Most Popular Product
  • Wide Choice in Colour and Lengths
  • Easy to Use
  • Strong Bond
  • Hook part is concealed- no snags or dirt collection


  • Not as Flexible in Length


Hook and Loop Cinch Straps are made from a length of loop material which has a ring at one end and a piece of hook tape at the other end on the same side. The strap is wrapped around the object then the free end is fed through the square ring before folding back and securing to the loop tape. The reduced material usage compared to the hook and loop strap can make these straps more economical at longer lengths. The straps are available in a wide range of lengths, colours, and colour combinations so colour coding is easily done either by different coloured straps or by using black straps with different coloured ends.  The lighter-coloured ends can be written on as required. The big advantage of this design is the strength of the bond. Our laboratory tests indicate that the strength of the hook and loop bond is approximately doubled by the folding back (or cinching action) due to the increased friction and force dissipation.  Whilst it is possible to join two straps together by feeding the hook tape end through the square ring on the other strap, it is not possible to shorten these straps because both ends of the loop tape have attachments- either the square ring or the hook tape. This does restrict their usage to an extent and can also require more straps of different lengths to be kept in stock.

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